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Are you someone like me who can’t be told what to do?  That when seeking out information, the best way you receive it is from a space of your own choice and possibilities? Well welcome to how I blog and basically how I do everything! 


March 8, 2021

Are YOU functioning in a S P A C E of EASE?

Are you in EASE or have you dissed EASE?  Did you know that functioning from a place of problem/drama/trauma can result in DISease? That you can seriously limit your BEing and body by living in the havoc…
March 1, 2021

Are YOU people pleasing at the expense of YOU?

God, I remember the days when I was a people pleaser... and I remember how miserable I was when I would “fall short” from the goal of getting people to…
February 22, 2021

What makes you uniquely YOU?

“BE uniquely YOU” is not just another “positive” affirmation or just a “good intention” to have. It’s essential to your life and living, so much so, that if you’re NOT…
February 15, 2021

What if TRUE FREEDOM is a choice?

Don’t stop BEing miserable, cause you might just find yourself creating the life you’ve been desiring? So are you living in limitation? Are you basking in the abyss of pain…
February 8, 2021

Are YOU living consciously according to YOU?

A friend of mine just recently expressed to me how depressed she was regarding a situation that happened to her a couple of years back involving her and a fellow…
February 1, 2021

What if JUDGMENT of YOU is your own worst enemy?

Hate to break it to you... YOU are your worst enemy!   Are of you judgmental of others? Or at least think you are?  The truth is, you’re probably not. It’s the…
January 25, 2021

Clearing energies that don’t belong to YOU

Now one of the first clearing tools I learned was the one I’m going to share with you today… it is the one that will clear all of the heavy…