What about living in the question are you refusing to choose?

Don’t ask a question. It may just change your world for the BEtter. 

In this day and age, we tend to live in a world of conclusions. And if it’s not literally happening in the world, it’s more than likely happening in your head. 

We’re basically taught this the moment we’re born. We hear it, see it, receive it and are exposed to it by everyone around us, leaving us “believing” that we have to function from this limited place of constriction and restriction called conclusion. 

What else is possible NOW? 

Well, THAT! A question!  

And it’s not just any question… it’s a “what” or openended question that allows us to be in a space of awareness; in a space of creation that then opens us UP to receiving something new or different. Opens us up to receiving something more. 

So, what “what” question can you ask today that would change your world RIGHT AWAY? Hmmmmm… I wonder? 

Would love for you to share below. 

With light and WONDERment,

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