Are YOU sick and tired of BEing Sick and Tired?

Sick. Tired. Tired. Sick. Do you ever find the more you go into this conclusion, the more it creates it? More fatigue; more sickness? 

Well, what would it be like to no longer conclude it? To no longer limit yourself by being in this heaviness? 

So, to no longer BE in this, you have to start asking questions… questions like, “What is this tiredness?”, “What am I sick of?”, “What have I yet to acknowledge about this?” 

By being in the question, it opens us up to more possibilities that we would unlikely discover otherwise. Then we can get clear on what those are and chose. 

If you weren’t sick and tired, what would you like to choose? 

And the next time you feel sick and tired, ask questions and see what you notice. Sick and tired now? Use these tools and let me know what it’s like for you.  

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With light and WONDERment,

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