How did you know?  

I get that question a lot from people.  

People asking me “how did you know that I was feeling that way?” 

Well, truth be told, I trust my knowing! And by me doing so, I’m able to get an amazing read on what’s going on in the moment and then I’m willing to put it out there (usually in the form of a question).  

And it’s there, that I too, am in awe of how much I know and am willing to receive. 

So what do you know? 

What do you know that you have yet to acKNOWledge? 

And what would it be like to start functioning from a S P A C E of knowing from here on out? 

Would love to KNOW what that’s like for you..or maybe I already do?! 😂😂 

Share it below. 

With light and WONDERment,

Dr. Sarah Brotsky's Signature - The Dr. Sarah Experience

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