Are YOU caught in a NEEDY trap?

You are so needy! 

Had anyone ever accused you of that?  

Well. Let’s start with if someone is accusing you of that, then they’re the one actually being needy… yep! True story. 

However, if you’re indeed falling into the “needy trap”, we can clear and get you CLEAR on that. It’s pretty simple. 

So, what is that?  

What would it take to clear it? 

Well, truth, do you really NEED anything?  

Or would you happen to LIKE to have things in your world? 

Truth is NEED sets us up to be NEEDY and I sense you’re a needy person. Truth?  

Yeah, I thought so! 😉 

I wonder what it would be like for you to choose what it is you would LIKE to have in your life? And throw the “need” out the window, lol!  

OH Okkkaaayy, let’s clear it instead, deep breath in… and release all the heavy on the exhale or right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all 9, shorts, boys, and beyonds (you can find out more about this clearing statement by clicking here: https://thedrsarahexperience.com/clearing-statements/).  

Thank you!! 

Share below! 

So, what else is possible NOW?  

Hmmmm… I wonder?

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