Are YOU living consciously according to YOU?

A friend of mine just recently expressed to me how depressed she was regarding a situation that happened to her a couple of years back involving her and a fellow family member.

After she shared with me this story, I asked her, “is this situation with your sister relevant to you now?”

At first she looked at me with a blank look in her eye and then a few moments later she answered with, “No, it isn’t. She keeps bringing it up to me… wow, it matters to her, not me!”

Show of hands (lol), how many of you can relate?

I can!

So what if conscious living is the space where you no longer have to live by others’ unconscious points of view?

What if it’s a space where you live according to YOU without the unnecessary heavy energies that desire to keep you stuck in this reality’s limitation?

So if consciousness includes everything and judges nothing, how would your reality BE different?

It only took one question to shift my friend’s reality from heavy to light. So what are you ready to clear and change from a space of conscious living?

I wonder?

Can’t wait to hear what you discover!

With light and WONDERment,

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