What if JUDGMENT of YOU is your own worst enemy?

Hate to break it to you… YOU are your own worst enemy!  

Are of you judgmental of others? Or at least think you are? 

The truth is, you’re probably not. It’s the people who need to be right, the ones who think they’re NOT judging, that have the most judgment of all!  

However, you do judge. You judge YOU! 

And how many negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions keep you in that limitation? 

Well, here’s a clearing tool you can use to clear them and to clear any limitation you may have stored in your memory banks. 

It’s simple.  

All you do is ask a question like, “everything that’s heavy about this, would I like to clear it now? Then you say, “Yes!, take a deep breath in, and release all of the heavy on the exhale… or *POD and POC (if you happen to know the Access Consciousness clearing statement 

If it lightens, there’s a good chance you cleared it. If not, repeat it a couple times. If it’s still heavy, it may not be yours and you can use the other clearing tool, “Return to sender with consciousness” (as discussed in the previous article) and see if that clears it. 

Alright, AMAZing BEings, try this OUT and let me know what it’s like for you.  

Share below! 

*I will be doing a Facebook LIVE this Friday, February 5tat 4 pm EST, on the Dr. Sarah Public Figure page where I’ll be explaining, in detail, the POD and POC clearing statement, ways we can use it together, and how you can use it individually. Click on this link to join me: https://facebook.com/thedrsarahexperience 

With light and WONDERment, 

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