Clearing energies that don’t belong to YOU

I wasn’t always this clear.


Now, don’t get me wrong, as a clinical psychologist, I was trained how to not take on the “problems” of clients (something I was actually naturally good at).

However, when it came to energy and being a VERY AWARE and a highly energetically sensitive BEing, I didn’t realize how much I was actually carrying that didn’t belong to me!

It wasn’t until I came across the AMAZing clearing tools of Access Consciousness® that I really started getting clear of heavy energies and functioning from a space of ease and lightness.

Now one of the first energy clearing tools I learned was the one I’m going to share with you today… it is the one that will clear all of the heavy thoughts, feelings, and emotions that don’t belong to you.

So here it is!

You start by asking this question:

“Who or what does this belong to?”

(You can ask it your head or out loud)

Then you follow it by simply saying:

“Return to sender with consciousness.”

“Return to sender with consciousness.”

“Return to sender with consciousness.”

(I like to say it 3 times for greatest effect)

And if the energy around what you’re asking about lightens up, it’s NOT yours!

I use this clearing tool every day. It’s that pragmatic. And it’s that fantastic at clearing a space so you can live your life free and clear from other people’s negative energy.

So, use it and see what you notice.

Share below anything related to all this… would love to hear about it!

Oh and click here to watch the latest video on this topic!

With light and WONDERment,

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