What if TRUE FREEDOM is a choice?

Don’t stop BEing miserable, cause you might just find yourself creating the life you’ve been desiring?

So are you living in limitation?

Are you basking in the abyss of pain and suffering?

Well, guess what?

If you choose to keep yourself in this lack, you will remain in a limited point of view and a place of never BEing fully YOU.

So are YOU ready for something different?

Are YOU ready for something new?

And are YOU ready to no longer have to function from a place that keeps you from accessing your TRUE FREEdom of choice where there’s infinite possibilities available?

Well, the moment you stop going into conclusion about your life and living and, instead, ask a question like, “what would I like to choose right now that would create the future I’m desiring?”, you begin to OPEN UP a space for greater awareness and possibilities to actualize.

And it’s here that you can then choose what’s lightest for you which is TRUE FREEdom.

So are you open to receiving this?

Are you willing to receive, perceive, know, BE TRUE FREEdom?

And what if it’s simply a choice away?

Choice is freedom. Freedom is choosing.

So what are YOU going to choose?

How does it get any Better?!

With light and WONDERment,

Dr. Sarah Brotsky's Signature - The Dr. Sarah Experience

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  • joan Laing says:

    I am most definitely ready to receive & perceive and know freedom I am choosing all the time for my truth to actualize the choice and possibilities are mine even though sometimes I get confused I appreciate you for always bringing me back to consciousness. Sincerely Joan

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