Are YOU functioning in a S P A C E of EASE?

Are you in EASE or have you dissed EASE? 

Did you know that functioning from a place of problem/drama/trauma can result in DISease? That you can seriously limit your BEing and body by living in the havoc of your own heavy thoughts, feelings, and emotions?  

Not to mention that thing you like to do where you take on others negative energy and points of view and carry that around until it drives YOU CRAZY?! 

Has this literally made you sick and tired?  

Or even in a constant state of fatigue and exhaustion? I’m gettin’ a “yes ma’am”! 

Well. STOP IT! Yes. STOP IT! Lol! 

“But Dr. Sarah, I would if I could!”  

Okay, okay. 

So here are some possible ways to function from a S P A C E of ease: 

1. Check in with yourself by asking a couple of questions: 

  • What IS functioning from a space of ease look like for me? 
  • Am I in ease right now? 
  • What would create ease right now? 

2. Use your clearing tools when things get heavy. Ask: 

  • Who or what does this belong to? Return to sender with consciousness 
  • Is this mine? Deep breath in and release all of the heavy on the exhale (or POD and POC) 

3. Get clear on what your choices are in the moment and choose the one that will create ease. 

So ready to choose living from a S P A C E of EASE and diss being DISeased for good? 


Share below. 😉 

With light and WONDERment,

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