What would take to BE the creator of your life and living?

BEyond Limitation Creation: Tips on how to actualize this! 

Okay! Where have you been LIMITING YOU and your capacity to create what it is YOU would like to generate and create in your life? 

Well, here are some tips to get you there: 

  1. Get clear! Get clear on what it is you would like to create by starting a working “Create List” that you can keep adding to as awarenesses of what you’d like to create arise. 
  2. Choose light! Once you start creating this list, tune in and ask yourself which one reads the lightest to begin creating. “Is now the time?” is a great question to ask since some projects, etc., may not be ready to be created yet. Can save those for later and revisit them in the future. 
  3. Get curious! Once you choose a light choice from your “Create List”, ask a question like, “what would it take to create this?”, and see what you notice. You may receive information on that immediately or you receive it at another point. The key is to be open to the possibilities of how it can come in to your knowing and be created. 
  4. Take action! What is the first step that reads the lightest to get the creation started then simply choose it and see! What if there are no mistakes; no wrong” steps to take? All chosen choices provide great information on what next steps to take. Then you simply choose again.  
  5. BE part of the contribution! Anytime we go to create, it is SO important to include ourselves in the process of what we’re creating. In other words, it is important that you are choosing it for you and that you’re including yourself in the receiving of money, acknowledgment, light energy, etc., from the creations you’re creating. 

There is certainly more to discover here when it comes to creation, which is something I can definitely share with you in future posts.  

However, in the meantime, GO CREATE and share below.  

Would love to hear about what you’re creating with the creation of your “Create List” and ALL the rest.  

What else is possible NOW?! 

With light and WONDERment,

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