Is future thinking keeping YOU stuck in anxiety?

Your future is doomed.

Yep. Might as well face it. It’s doomed.  

At least that’s what your future thoughts are telling you? 

Well, this is what our thoughts like to do… they like to go into the worse case scenario, predict it in detail as a way of trying to prevent “something bad” from happening, and flood you with fear and anxiety. FUN!! Not so much. 

So not only is that heavy, it just doesn’t work! In fact, it tends to keep us locked out of our conscious awareness and in the limitation of this reality. 

So what would it take to change this?  

How do you get resolve? 

Well, first it’s important to acknowledge that thinking about the future often results in anxiety. And the truth about anxiety is that it’s misidentified awareness. How aware are you really? 


So what if you were to acknowledge that and clear all the heaviness with the return to sender and/or deep breathing technique/POD & POC. Then ask: “Truth, what am I aware of?” and see what you notice. 

And what if you do not require to “think” about the future, and instead, know that you’ll be there when the time comes to decide what it is you would like to choose when the moment arrives. 

How does it get any BEtter?  

Excited to discover it when the future becomes now, lol! 

With light and WONDERment,

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  • joan Laing says:

    Wow! Knowing that I do not have to take care of EVERYTHING that is ahead right this moment is wonderful. It does free up to space to do what I need to do in the moment. When I feel heavy again I clear again . Ain’t Life Grand!
    Joan L.

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