What if YOU included YOU in the acts of kindness you give to others?

What does it take to BE IN the kindness of the acts of kindness you graciously choose to give to others? 

Well, for me it’s about acknowledgment. 

Acknowledging what it is I am contributing to others.  

What it’s NOT is a place of self-indulgence or a place needing to look good or to get a reaction from others as a result of the acts of kindness. 

What it really IS is a space of self-recognition or a beautiful space of acknowledging you and the amazing gift of kindness that ALL can receive as a result of the act you chose. 

So, I’m aware, that for me, BEing in the space of the kindness that I’m giving myself and others, not only increases KINDNESS to myself and others, it increases it to the world and even BEyond that… thank you, Universe!  NOW your turn. Do it. Include YOU in your next act of kindness and let me know what it’s like for you! 

Woohoo! What else is possible NOW?

Share below.  

With light and WONDERment,

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