What about BEing in the flow of life are YOU resisting?

Are you in a NO GO with your energy flow? 

Every find yourself in a heavy place where your usual go with the flow has got up and went? And you just don’t “feel” like yourself? 

And you’re like, “what would it take to shift this?!” 

Well one thing you could choose is to clear and get clear of what’s killin’ your vibe. 

Way to do that?  

The good ol’ deep breath in and release all of the heavy NO FLOW on the exhale or POD and POC. 


You could ask the question “who or what does this belong to?” And if it lightens up, it’s not yours… Return to sender with consciousness! 

Then see what you notice. 

Is it lighter? 

Do you have more energy? 

Is there more GO with your FLOW, lol? 

It’s amazing how fast something can shift when we get right to the energy of it. 

How does it get any BEtter? 

Excited to hear, so share below! 

With light and WONDERment,

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