What’s your relationship like with MONEY?

Hey AMAZing BEing!  

What’s your relationship like with money?  

Yes. Money.  

Wow! What a charge that has, right?  

Cause there are so many points of view on what money is and what it’s not, and even your relationship with it.  

So, what if the truth about money is… its energy?  

It’s a currency that we use in this reality as a way to generate and create greater.  

That money offers more choices, but we’re not meant to go into a right or wrong with it or linearity with it.  

We’re just meant to be in the space of like, “what would it take to generate the kind of money that I would desire?” or be in the question of it, and rather than make it like “I have to have it, or it’s bad, or it’s good, or it’s blah, blah, blah”… That’s not going to work well with money.  

Money is just a space of BEing if we’re willing to receive it.  

So, BE with that, play with that, let me know what that’s like for you, and seeing what you notice regarding the relationship that you have with money.

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