What if there’s an exercise that can create more EASE for YOU?

Hey, AMAZing BEing!  

I have a question for you.  

When I say the word EASE, what do you notice?  

What are you aware of when I say the word EASE 

Are you in a S P A C E of EASE or in some other space, maybe that’s heavier?  

What we’re going to do right now in this moment is an exercise on EASE, and it’s really interesting because it involves the word EASE 

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to repeat the word EASE 10 times and I would like you just to notice what you notice from the beginning to the end.  

Let’s do it now.  

Ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease, ease.  

What do you notice?  

I’m aware that the energy is lighter, it’s more expansive, and every time I said it, it lightened up a little bit more each time.  

Use that exercise for you.  

Use it throughout the day.  

Just repeat the word EASE 10 times and see what you notice.  

And please share here and everywhere I am on social media.  

All right, AMAZing BEing.

I’ll talk to you again soon.

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