Are you BEing a people pleaser?

Hey, AMAZing BEing, it’s Dr. Sarah.  

And do you find yourself being a people pleaser? 

Trying to appease people so they don’t feel uncomfortable, or so that you don’t have to be wrong if they don’t agree with you?  

There could be a slew of different possibilities here where you try to please people in a way that sacrifices you. 

Well, what if you don’t have to do that anymore?  

What if you can be you and show up to those around you?  

Now, it doesn’t mean you have to share everything, or it doesn’t mean that you have to purposely disagree. That’s not what I’m saying here.  

But what you can be is in the awareness of it and in the allowance of it? 

And what if it’s okay if you don’t agree with them?  

And what if it’s okay that they don’t agree with you?  

It’s just interesting points of view.  

So try it out.  

What if you don’t have to please anyone anymore, you just be you and see.  

All right, I’ll talk to you again soon. 

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