Have YOU ever been accused of having too much JOY?

Hey, AMAZing BEing!  

Have you ever been accused of having too much joy? Too much happiness, too much ease, for those around you who prefer problems, drama, trauma, and prefer feelings, thoughts, and emotions?  

Well, let’s just look at joy here for a moment.  

Joy not only is joy a feeling, it is also a state of being. And a lot of people who don’t care to have ease in their life, lack joy, and can even be a KILL JOY 

Now, what would it be like for you to remain in a state of joy no matter what is going on around you? It doesn’t mean always positive or negative, it’s just a space of being. You can have joy as a conscious space of being.  

So, what would it be like to just notice that and see what that’s like for you, and what would it take for you to be in a space in a state of joy no matter what? 

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