Are YOU trying to predict your future with future thinking?

Hey AMAZing BEing!  

Per the usual, I have a question for you.  

Now, do you know the difference between future thinking and getting a read on the future that you desire to create?  

There is a difference.  

Thinking of the future tends to keep us in a limitation because we can’t really predict the future because there’s so many factors to it. There’s so many choices along the way that we can make to change it.  

Now, what we can do though is ask some questions.  

And great questions to ask, especially when you’re choosing something is, if I choose this, what will my future be like?  

What will my life be like five months from now, five years from now?  

Is it light or heavy?  

That way you can perceive the energy of what the future may be if you choose this, not try to predict it, which is what future thinking aims to do.  

So, be aware of that this week and let me know what that’s like for you. And I’m so excited to know what you can do with it now without thinking of the future.

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