Are YOU stuck in a “Why” question?

Hey AMAZing BEing!


“Why is this happening to me right now?” 

“Why doesn’t it ever just work out the way I want it to? 

Do you ever find yourself in that kind of question?  

A “why” question 

Stuck in that energy?  

I have now another question for you to ask instead. Instead of going to WHY, go to WHAT.  

What is going on right now?  

What is happening here?  

What would it take to change this?  

A question like that, a conscious question and living in that type of question will allow you to create and clear what it is that you don’t require and also get to how to change it if you choose to.  

Now, be with the “what” question and see what you notice, and if it makes a difference for you.

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