Are YOU sick and tired?

Hey, AMAZing BEing!  

Are you sick and tired?  

Sick and tired of being sick and tired, which then creates sick and tiredness?  

I mean, have you ever noticed that, that the more you say to yourself, “I’m sick and tired of this,” it gets worse?  

Because, you want to know? There is a because to this and that is our thoughts create our reality.  

Our points of view create our realit. 

Now, what would it be like instead to give yourself an interesting point of view of the sick and tired and then ask yourself, “What can I do with this? What will it take to clear this right away so I can have some more ease? What would it take to change this right away and get some relief?”  

And ask, “What can I choose right now that will give me some peace and ease?” 

Now, be with that, play with that, and STOP being sick and tired. 

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