How judgmental are YOU treating yourself?

Hey AMAZing BEing! 

How judgmental are you treating yourself?  

How much judgment are you receiving from others and taking it personally?  

Now this topic of judgment is not new to my feed, and it’s not new to the discussion. However, it is now time to change it, and are you ready to change it?  

Consider that an invitation.  

So, we are going to explore what judgment is.  

It’s certainly something that can be very heavy. It can be used by humans, to make others very uncomfortable and miserable, maybe as miserable as they are.  

No offense, just calling a spade, a spade, and that’s how they tend to function.  

Okay. But it’s not about having to react to them, or get stuck in it, it’s about clearing it and getting clear on what it is and what you no longer have to function from.  

So, be with that, being the awareness of that, and let me know what that’s like for you.

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