Do YOU tend to wrong yourself when YOU get ANGRY?

Hey AMAZing BEing! 

Do you tend to wrong yourself when you get ANGRY?  

Do you tend to take it out on yourself, like, “Why did I get so upset about that? Why did I get so ANGRY?”  

Well, let’s take a look at ANGER for a moment.  

Now, ANGER is legit when we’re being lied to, when we’re picking up on an untruth.  

Now, it may be a literal lie, it may just be some energy that’s off, but ask yourself, “What lie am I picking up here that’s making me so ANGRY?” 

Now, if it goes past that, and you’re ANGRY, and you go into the story and you go into the drama trauma of it, now it’s become a distraction, and that could be very limiting.  

So, you want to just clear right, wrong, good, bad, POD, POC, all nine, shorts, boys, and beyonds, all the ANGER that could be getting in the way of you.  

But first ask, “Truth, what am I aware of? Truth, what lie am I picking up here?”  

And see what you notice.  

And then you can clear that too and get to your choices and choose something that’s light for you given the situation.  

Okay, be with that, play with that, and let me know what that’s like for you.

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