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Did you know that asking a question (specifically a “what” question) can land you in the space of a conscious moment? That by being in this question, you can access greater awareness, creativity, knowing, perceiving, BEing, and receiving? 

Check out these Dr. Sarah Picture Quotes and see what you notice for you!

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What are YOU sick and tired of?

Do you ever find yourself saying statements (aloud or to yourself) like, “I’m dead tired” or “I’m just so sick of it all”.  

Well, I hear people saying this all the time in one form or another. And I see how much of a toll it takes on them. 

Me? What do say to them when facilitating them in session?  

I ask them, is that a question or conclusion? Is that light or heavy? And what are you sick and tired of? 

So, for me, personally, when I start going into that sick and tired energy, I ask these questions too and aim to get clear on what it is. 

I use the tools I’m continuously encouraging you to use… how does it get any BEtter?! 

So don’t do it. Yeah, don’t do it!  

Cause you may end up having way too much ease and WAY TO MUCH energy?! Oh and more fun? Can’t have THAT?! Lol! 😉 

Okay, be with that and play with that and let me know what it’s like for you? Share anywhere I’m on Social! 

Wonder what else is possible NOW 

With light and WONDERment,

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What do you know that you know that, if you allowed yourself to know it, would change your reality right away?

Know it all! 

You are. You’re a know it all! And so am I. 

The truth is, we have a knowing before we even have a chance to think.  

However, what we tend to do is by-pass our knowing as a way to justify what we “think” is the right answer. We’re always looking to get the right answer! 

Well, what if that no longer has to be the case?  

What if your knowing is more accurate than your thoughts?  

And what I if you were to trust your knowing and see what it creates? 

So BE with that, AMAZing BEing, and let me KNOW what you KNOWtice, lol! 

Look forward to you sharing with me anywhere I’m located on Social Media. 

With light and WONDERment,

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What do YOU KNOW that is unique to YOU?


What have you denied knowing that you know that you KNOW? 

This reality teaches us that our thoughts are valid and real. That what we think is more important than what we know. Which equates to you are what you think and not what you know. 

So, what if that really isn’t the truth? What if that’s the lie we have bought as true that keeps you in the limitation of heavy beliefs and negative points of view?  

Now there’s something different. Now there’s ways to honor your knowing and just observe your thoughts as interesting. 

So, try it out if you have yet to choose it already and see what you notice. 

Would love for you to share anywhere I am on Social Medial! 

What else is possible NOW? I wonder? 

With light and WONDERment,

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If JOYfulness was present with you, what would that look like?

Oh the JOY! 

When I decided to choose to live my life fully from a conscious S P A C E of ease, JOY, and glory, I discovered that it was not about having to “do anything”; it was about BEing willing to receive and BE the JOY of ME that I, unbeknownst to me, was refusing.  

Once I became aware of this and started choosing this, my life changed. It changed in a way that was subtle yet profound.  

Things became easier.  

Life was easier! Lighter. More ease; more calm 

Now what would it take to choose it for you? 

What would it take to join me and live this way of BEing too? 

Let me know if you’d like to join me on the JOY Train of possibilities? Lol!  

All aboard? Share anywhere I am on Social Media!  

With light and WONDERment,

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What JOY are YOU not choosing?

JOY. The NEW apple a day that keeps the doctor away? 

So, JOY is the antidote to so many aliments. A major one BEing the antidote to clearing the limitation and wrongness of you. 

What are the benefits of JOY? 

Well by BEing and choosing to BE in the space of JOY you’ll likely have: 

  • More ease 
  • More lightness 
  • More space for choice 
  • More laughter  
  • Less dis-ease 
  • More abundance 
  • Less fatigue 
  • More energy  

How does it get any BEtter, AMAZing BEing? And what would it take to generate and create that space for YOU? 

Share your awareness and points of view anywhere I am on Social Media!  

With light and WONDERment,

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Where have YOU confused your future with your thoughts about it?

Ways to STOP future thinking: 3 steps to BE present. 

Future thinking can be a HUGE distraction. Not only can it distract you from the conscious moment, it can also keep you restricted and confined to a limited point of view which can prevent you from creating the future you would like to have. 

So here are 3 steps you can take to STOP future thinking: 

  1. Get clear on what you’re telling yourself! What words do you feed yourself about the future? Are they light and contributive? Or are they concessionary and heavy?  
  2. Clear what’s heavy! Any heavy thoughts have lies and judgments attached to them that preclude you from seeing what is actually true for you. What if you’re NOT your future thoughts? But, instead, the space that’s there when your thoughts aren’t there. Hmmmm 
  3. Choose your future! You are the creator of your own future… you simply have to choose it and be in the space of receiving infinite possibilities. Be in the awareness of it and trust your knowing.

So, use these 3 steps and let me know what you notice and what it’s like for you? 

How does it get any BEtter? 

Share anywhere I am on Social Media!  

With light and WONDERment,

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Are YOU limiting your FUTURE by living in the PAST?

Have to admit, I use to do A LOT of future thinking. Yeah, a lot of future dooming too. Ugh! No fun. 

Not sure what it actually provided me. Anxiety. Stress. Fear? Intense feelings of being overwhelmed. Uncertainty. Guilt? 

Okay. Can you relate? 

Well, what I have discovered is that future thinking is often based on the past and is done with the intention of not wanting to recreate what has happened already.  

Which is actually really insane!  

First of all, nothing happens the same way twice.  

Secondly, our future thoughts are conclusions and keep us stuck in a limitation, robbing us from BEing in the present conscious moment where choice, possibilities, and change are readily available! 

And thirdly, anything that’s heavy about future thinking has lies attached to it which will keep you from generating and creating the future you would truly like to have. 

So, what is your future thinking telling you? 

What lie are you buying about it that’s not true? 

Tell me about it by sharing anywhere I’m on Social Media!  

What else is possible NOWAMAZing BEing? 

Excited to find out!  

With light and WONDERment,

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Seeing YOU BEing the creator YOU truly BE?

On your mark, get set… CREATE! 

Do you consider yourself a creative BEing 

Do you love to create? 

If you do it from this world’s linear point of view, it may not be all that fun, in part, due to having to function from a “goal oriented” point of view which may actually cut you off from your creative flow. The pressure of having to do it and/or create it a certain way tends to damper ideas, motivation, and completion of your creation. 

So, what if there’s a different way?  

What if you could create from a different space where BEing in the creative flow, choice, and possibilities allow you to actualize what it is you’re looking to create? Where you follow the energy and actualize it with ease? 

This is what I’m takin’ about! And will continue to talk about this in other posts. 

So for now, share any awareness you may have anywhere I am on Social Media. 

Share what it is YOU would LIKE to create. Not sure?  

Be with it and see what comes to your awareness. 

Love to hear about it! 

With light and WONDERment,

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Are YOU ready to BE a CREATOR of magnitude?

You’re not an artist so what makes you think you can create.

Is this the message you’ve received? From someone or something out there in society?  

Well, it’s a lie. 

The truth is we have the capacity to create absolutely AMAZing things ALL the time if we choose. It’s simply a question away! 

Is this the space you would prefer functioning from? A space of choice, possibilities, question, and contribution? 

Huh. I wonder what that would be like for you… wonder if you knowing you can choose to create, NOT because you have to be an artist or in some “creative career”, but simply because you are a creative BEing, how your life would be different? 

What is being a creative BEing look like to YOU? 

Share anywhere I’m on Social Media! 

With light and WONDERment,

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What EASE can YOU choose to have and BE today?

Ease or DISease? 

Which are YOU choosing? Or NOT choosing. 

Well now’s the time to take inventory of your conscious space.  

To check in to see where you’re functioning from. 

So, TRUTH…  

Are you in a constant state of stress?  

Are you living from one problem to the next? 

Are you suffering from a place of limitation – depressed and full of angst? 

So that? That’s a place of DISease which does NOT serve you and only takes a toll on YOU and your body… not your lightest or brightest choice! 

Now, TRUTH… would YOU like to change that and function from a space of ease? 

Here are some ways to do and BE just that! 

  1. BE present with everything around YOU and look at it from an interesting point of view.     
  2. BE aware of toxic people and environments. Clear and stay clear of them by using the clearing tools (See prior posts for more information) 
  3. BE in your choice. Choose what’s light for YOU (Ease at it’s FINEst😉) 

So what else is possible NOWAMAZing BEing?!  

Well, BE with that and play with that and let me know what that is like for YOU (share anywhere I’m on Social Media)… and let the EASE BEgin! 

With light and WONDERment,

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How much EASE are YOU willing to receive?


That word. Hmmmm…  

What does that word elicit in YOU 

Well for me, ease WAS NOT a space I functioned from on a regular basis. In part because I would often be impacted by the people around me that preferred to focus on problems rather than possibilities.  

So I would take on these individuals’ energies and problems, wrong myself with them, then be left with “feeling” depressed, agitated, and even defeated… and the kicker? They weren’t even my problems! Lol! What?! Not my brightest moments! 

Now. That has changed.  

Ease is my “new black”, so to speak, lol!  

It is a space that I choose to function from on a daily basis. It is a constant in my Universe. And when heavy energies would like to interfere with that, I simply clear them and choose what’s light for me. Creating a space of ease with EASE!  

How does it get any BEtter than that? 

So, what is ease for you?  

Can you relate to not having ease? 

What’s your story on that? 

And would it be like to change that like I did?

I’ll look forward to hearing what that’s like for you (share anywhere I’m on Social Media), AMAZing BEing! 

With light and WONDERment, 

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Are YOU done with pleasing others at the expense of YOU?

Comment below right now if you’re tired of being a people pleaser! If you’re tired of appeasing people who are only interested in being right rather than open to different points of views.

You tired of it? I am. And I actively choose daily NOT to engage with this form of unconsciousness.

So what if you no longer did either? What if you no longer obligate yourself to getting these people to get you? Or to get ANYTHING?

What if you no longer have to be a “people pleaser”, but instead, BE the YOU pleaser that chooses what pleases YOU.

And if others would like to join you great! If not, #notYOURproblem… how does it get any BEtter, AMAZing BEing?

I wonder?

What else is possible NOW?

Choose it and see.

And again, share anywhere I’m on Social Media!

With light and WONDERment,

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Are YOU a people pleaser?

God, I remember the days when I was a people pleaser… and I remember how miserable I was when I would “fall short” from the goal of getting people to be happy.

Yes. I use to carry that burden and suffer from the endless disappointment of not appeasing them. Of course, I was choosing those types of humans who were only interested in being right and not interested in different points of view.

You know the ones? The ones that have enough judgment to destroy nations?

Well yeah. Not fun. And not my brightest moment, lol!

Well. Now. This AIN’T happen. No more people pleasing for me!

Now? I choose for me. What’s light for me. Even if it doesn’t agree or please. #notMyProblem! Ahhhhhh… so much more ease, joy… abundance!

How does it get any BEtter than that, AMAZing BEing?

Let’s see! Care to join me?

Share your awareness about people pleasing anywhere I’m located on Social Media! Are you ready for something different? Share that too!

With light and WONDERment,

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What’s unique about YOU that you’re refusing to BE?

In the past, it was normal for me to try to fit into this reality without realizing how much I was cutting myself off from BEing ME. Little did I know then that BEing the uniqueness I BE was a possibility that I could choose.

So, now, that’s no longer the case. And now? It’s no longer a limitation.

In fact, I am living proof that BEing unique and choosing to live my life in this way is the way to BE! Hashtag, welcome to my world of choosing to BE me whatever that looks like, whatever it takes. And I’m constantly changing it UP! 😉

So where have you been refusing to BE the uniqueness YOU truly BE?

When did you choose to cut that off?

And what is unique about you NOW that you have yet to acknowledge?

Share it  with me anywhere I am on Social Media and join ME in BEing the uniqueness WE truly BE that will rock this world into a brighter and lighter space.

How does it get any BEtter?!


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Are you BEing the unique YOU you truly BE?

Ok. So let’s get clear on this.

Name 3 things that make you uniquely YOU?

  1. Write them down
  2. Acknowledge them
  3. Clear any heavy energy that won’t allow you to fully BE it. (Clear by simply taking a deep breath in and releasing all the heavy on the exhale… or POD and POC)
  4. Share it here in comments or anywhere this is on social media

Looking forward to reading and seeing what makes you uniquely YOU! Share it anywhere I’m on Social Media.

How does it get any BEtter?!


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3 Steps to TRUE FREEdom

These are the 3 Steps to know if you are truly ready to step up and choose what contributes to your TRUE FREEdom.

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you knew something else was possible, but just didn’t know how to actualize it?

So again, here are 3 things to consider when choosing to leap into a new space of FREEdom:

  1. BE open to the possibilities
  2. Identify what it is that brings you JOY
  3. Don’t be afraid to try something different (there is no such thing as failing)

So take a moment and tune onto what TRUE FREEdom is for you?.

What does that look like?

You see, TRUE FREEdom is choice and choice is TRUE FREEdom… so what would you like to choose that would create the light future you’re desiring?

Share with me (anywhere I’m on Social Media) if you were able to identify something you truly want to start creating in your life.


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What choices are you NOT considering?

Just this morning, I was aware of some heavy energies that were related to limitation. So instead of going into the limitation of the limitations, I asked a question that just blew it out of the water… “what choices do I have here that I’m not considering?”

And it is from this question that it became clear that when we are willing to be in a space of choice and possibilities, we can be FREE to choose what is light for each of us. That BEing in a space of choice is where our TRUE FREEdom reigns… how does it get any BEtter?!

So what limitations are keeping you from living from a space of choice and infinite possibilities? What FREEdom are you robbing YOU of having based on the choices you’re not willing to choose?

So be with these questions and share with me (anywhere I am on Social Media) what YOU notice.

What else is possible NOW?!


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Are you BEing stupid?

Yes. Stupid. The side effect of living unconsciously.

So how stupid are you BEing?


Well instead of focusing on ALL that hot unconsciousness MESS, let’s get right to the GOOD STUFF… conscious living!

Okay. Consciousness. It includes everything and judges nothing. It’s a space of awareness and allowance where choice and possibilities are readily available for the choosing.

Living consciously then is just THAT… living from a space that allows you to BE present to generate and create what it is YOU would like to actualize in your life.

And the alternative? Unconscious living? Stuck in routine, linear, no choice reality that keeps you in the limitation of you BEing YOU… stupid, right?!

So, are YOU ready to live consciously? Huh. I bet YOU can’t choose that? 😉

Share it with me anywhere I am on Social Media if you’d like to show me otherwise!


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Is conscious living something you would like to choose?

Tired of feeling like you’re going insane?

Tired of being stuck there?

Insanity is a by-product of unconsciousness, so the more you function from this place the more insane feel.

What’s the alternative?

Living consciously.

Which includes functioning from the following space:

  1. Awareness
  2. Allowance
  3. Choice
  4. Possibilities

Living consciously requires BEing clear and present to choose what it is you like to BE and generate and create into your life.

So insanity vs. conscious living… which one are YOU choosing?

Which one would YOU like to choose NOW?!

Share your comments with me anywhere I am on Social Media.

How does it get any BEtter?!


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Are your own heavy thoughts, feelings & emotions getting in the way with YOU?

Okay. As a doctor in clinical psychology, there hasn’t been a healing modality that I haven’t been exposed to. 

So which one is my favorite?  

Which is my modality of choice? 

Consciousness! And living consciously from a space of choice and infinite possibilities!  

I use a set of clearing tools and techniques from an AMAZing system called Access Consciousness® and I’m a Certified Facilitator with Access too! Not only do I use these tools with people like yourselfI use them myself! How does it get any BEtter?! 

So why am I telling you this? To let you know that what I’m bringing to you is an energy and approach that is pragmatic and been BEyond effective when it comes to generating and creating change on a monumental level. 

Now. I’d like to share with you the clearing tool that clears heavy thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you’re carrying and/or have possibly stored in your memory. 

It begins with asking a question like, “everywhere I’m in the limitation of my own negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions, would I like to clear them now? Yes” 

Then simply take a deep breath in and release all the heavy on the exhale… or POD and POC (if you happen to know the Access clearing statement). 

If it lightens up, it has cleared. If it remains, continue to use the breathing technique or POD/POC until it gets clear. Some heavy limitations require ongoing clear. 

So use it and share what it’s like for YOU to use it below.  

So excited to hear about it! 


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What unconsciousness is limiting YOU from living your life FULLY?

Stop whatever you’re doing.  

Are you clear? 

Are you clear of your own heavy thoughts, feelings, and emotions? 

Are you clear of your own limiting points of view?  

If not, what are these thoughts telling you?  

What are these feelings and emotions eliciting?   

What beliefs are messing up your moment? 

And what would it take to clear them? 

Well I have a clearing tool for you!  

One you can use right away and it may just clear away all that’s keeping you in this limitation. 

All you do is ask a question like, “everywhere I’m in the limitation of my own negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions, would I like to clear them now? Yes” 

Then simply take a deep breath in and release all the heavy on the exhale… or POD and POC (if you happen to know the Access clearing statement). 

If it lightens up, it has cleared. If it remains, continue to use the breathing technique or POD/POC until it gets clear. Some heavy limitations require ongoing clear. 

So BE with this, play with this, and share it with me anywhere I am on Social Media…

What else is possible NOW?! 

Excited to find out! 


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Have YOU ever considered anxiety as misidentified AWAREness?

When I wrote this question, I realized it’s NOT your typical question, written in a typical fashion. Nor is it one that makes much cognitive sense, at least not according to this reality?

Well this reality tends to be obsessed with the question “why”, always looking to find the right answer that will set you free from what’s keeping you unhappy and dissatisfied with life.

Unfortunately “why” tends to only keep us in uncertainty, leaving us stuck in the limitation of what it was that got us here. Even if there was an answer, it doesn’t give us the information we require to necessarily change it?

So what if the TRUTH is you’re highly aware; aware of everything around you? The good, the bad, AND the ugly?
That your awareness is simply the perceiving of all things, and if done from a consciousness point of view, it will allow you to see it all without judgment.

Well, since this week’s topic is on clearing energies that don’t belong to you, what if we add this one on anxiety to the mix to clear as also?

Let’s clear it!

So ALL of the points of view from others and this society that you have bought as true and REAL about anxiety and it’s limitation on YOU, let’s clear that now:
Return to sender with consciousness;
Return to sender with consciousness;
Return to sender with consciousness!

Ahhhhhh… a little lighter?

Would you like it even lighter or do you have something else you’d like to clear?

Join me this Friday when I GO LIVE here on Facebook with the very first “Free and Clear Fridays with Dr. Sarah”. I guarantee it’ll BE a space where you and I can connect, clear, and contribute to each other on this topic and MORE!

Can’t wait to see you there at 4 pm EST.

What else is possible NOW?!


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How many heavy thoughts, feelings, and emotions are you carrying that don’t belong to YOU?

Here we go!

Not only is this the very FIRST Dr. Sarah picture quote on the NEW Dr. Sarah website, it’s the very FIRST one coming to YOU, NOW, as a way to contribute to YOU and the NEW and LIGHT you, YOU desire to create!

So are you ready for this picture quote question? One that is a part of the topic of the week that we can definitely further explore together?
The question being, what heavy thought, feeling, or emotion are you ready to clear that doesn’t belong to you?

It’s an interesting question, right?
One that speaks to ALL of the energies (including thoughts, feelings and emotions) that we tend to pick up on around us, that if not cleared, will keep us weighed down, exhausted and trapped a limiting place.

So what if there is a way to get and stay clear of that? And what if I were to say there’s a tool for that?
One that will assist you in clearing anything that doesn’t belong to you?

Click here, to read about the tool.

Click here, to receive the tool via video.

Can’t wait to hear from you about it! 😍