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In the past, it was normal for me to try to fit into this reality without realizing how much I was cutting myself off from BEing ME. Little did I know then that BEing the uniqueness I BE was a possibility that I could choose.

So, now, that’s no longer the case. And now? It’s no longer a limitation.

In fact, I am living proof that BEing unique and choosing to live my life in this way is the way to BE! Hashtag, welcome to my world of choosing to BE me whatever that looks like, whatever it takes. And I’m constantly changing it UP! 😉

So where have you been refusing to BE the uniqueness YOU truly BE?

When did you choose to cut that off?

And what is unique about you NOW that you have yet to acknowledge?

Share it  with me anywhere I am on Social Media and join ME in BEing the uniqueness WE truly BE that will rock this world into a brighter and lighter space.

How does it get any BEtter?!