dr sarah sig white

Stop whatever you’re doing.  

Are you clear? 

Are you clear of your own heavy thoughts, feelings, and emotions? 

Are you clear of your own limiting points of view?  

If not, what are these thoughts telling you?  

What are these feelings and emotions eliciting?   

What beliefs are messing up your moment? 

And what would it take to clear them? 

Well I have a clearing tool for you!  

One you can use right away and it may just clear away all that’s keeping you in this limitation. 

All you do is ask a question like, “everywhere I’m in the limitation of my own negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions, would I like to clear them now? Yes” 

Then simply take a deep breath in and release all the heavy on the exhale… or POD and POC (if you happen to know the Access clearing statement). 

If it lightens up, it has cleared. If it remains, continue to use the breathing technique or POD/POC until it gets clear. Some heavy limitations require ongoing clear. 

So BE with this, play with this, and share it with me anywhere I am on Social Media…

What else is possible NOW?! 

Excited to find out!