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Are you ruled by this world’s rules and structures?

Okay. So. Are you tired of following all of the rules that limit you from choosing what you would like to BE? 

Truth, have you ever been good at following these rules? 

Well, this reality is basically comprised of solid structures and rules that are designed to keep things and people in check and in formation.  

Almost everything in this reality is this way… which includes our government, schools, religious institutions, and much more. 

This is not a wrongness, by any means, however, for those of us whom beat to a different drum in a non-linear way, these type of structures and rules tend to get in the way of our true equanimity and free-flowing space of being. 

So instead of resisting this heavily structured, rule-induced reality, what would it be like to simply choose to BE YOU even if it doesn’t fit this reality’s linear BOX? 

Chose to BE in the truth of what’s light for you and BE willing to zig zag OUTside the lines? 

What if this is what will create a difference in this insane world and create a new space of possibilities would not be available unless you were willing to BE and choose this freewill, non-structured, way of BEing? 

Well, be with this possibility and see what you notice. 

See what you get.  

And let me know what you discover and BE sure to share anywhere I’m on Social. 

So excited to hear!  

What else is possible NOW? I wonder?!  

With light and WONDERment,

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