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Yeah. I tried it. 

I use to abide by it. 

I even strived for it. 

What was it? 


Normal according to this reality.  

And frankly it SUCKED. 

And never worked! 

So, what did I do to change it? 

I chose to no longer “fit in” to what was deemed to be the right path. 

To be the right definition. 

The right look. 

The right approach. 

The right… well. You get the idea. 

I now choose to BE me. 

To live consciously if others like it or not. 

Without an agenda 

Without structure. 

Without definition. 

Free just to BE the weird, different, unpredictable BEing I truly BE. 

What about you? 

Are you choosing it? 

Are you BEing it? 

Would you like to? 

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With light and WONDERment,

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