dr sarah sig white

Ease or DISease? 

Which are YOU choosing? Or NOT choosing. 

Well now’s the time to take inventory of your conscious space.  

To check in to see where you’re functioning from. 

So, TRUTH…  

Are you in a constant state of stress?  

Are you living from one problem to the next? 

Are you suffering from a place of limitation – depressed and full of angst? 

So that? That’s a place of DISease which does NOT serve you and only takes a toll on YOU and your body… not your lightest or brightest choice! 

Now, TRUTH… would YOU like to change that and function from a space of ease? 

Here are some ways to do and BE just that! 

  1. BE present with everything around YOU and look at it from an interesting point of view.     
  2. BE aware of toxic people and environments. Clear and stay clear of them by using the clearing tools (See prior posts for more information) 
  3. BE in your choice. Choose what’s light for YOU (Ease at it’s FINEst😉) 

So what else is possible NOWAMAZing BEing?!  

Well, BE with that and play with that and let me know what that is like for YOU (share anywhere I’m on Social Media)… and let the EASE BEgin! 

With light and WONDERment,