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Do you ever find yourself saying statements (aloud or to yourself) like, “I’m dead tired” or “I’m just so sick of it all”.  

Well, I hear people saying this all the time in one form or another. And I see how much of a toll it takes on them. 

Me? What do say to them when facilitating them in session?  

I ask them, is that a question or conclusion? Is that light or heavy? And what are you sick and tired of? 

So, for me, personally, when I start going into that sick and tired energy, I ask these questions too and aim to get clear on what it is. 

I use the tools I’m continuously encouraging you to use… how does it get any BEtter?! 

So don’t do it. Yeah, don’t do it!  

Cause you may end up having way too much ease and WAY TO MUCH energy?! Oh and more fun? Can’t have THAT?! Lol! 😉 

Okay, be with that and play with that and let me know what it’s like for you? Share anywhere I’m on Social! 

Wonder what else is possible NOW 

With light and WONDERment,

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