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So, what do you do when you’re exhausted and sick and tired of it all? Do you get stuck there? 

Here are some quick go-to-tips to help shift your mood and energy right away: 

  1. Acknowledge it without judgment. 
  2. Identify what’s heavy and limiting you. 
  3. Get clear on what it is you’d like to have instead. 
  4. Ask, “What can I choose in this moment to change this right away?”  
  5. Present yourself with some possibilities, like taking a walk, connect with nature, or something you and your body would enjoy 
  6. Get gratitude! Acknowledge what you’re grateful for. 
  7. Choose! Check in with what resonates the lightest for you and choose it! 

Each of these tips in and of themselves will definitely contribute to shifting you out of being sick and tired. 

Okay, give them a whirl and see!  

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How does it get any BEtter?! 

With light and WONDERment, 

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