dr sarah sig white

On your mark, get set… CREATE! 

Do you consider yourself a creative BEing 

Do you love to create? 

If you do it from this world’s linear point of view, it may not be all that fun, in part, due to having to function from a “goal oriented” point of view which may actually cut you off from your creative flow. The pressure of having to do it and/or create it a certain way tends to damper ideas, motivation, and completion of your creation. 

So, what if there’s a different way?  

What if you could create from a different space where BEing in the creative flow, choice, and possibilities allow you to actualize what it is you’re looking to create? Where you follow the energy and actualize it with ease? 

This is what I’m takin’ about! And will continue to talk about this in other posts. 

So for now, share any awareness you may have anywhere I am on Social Media. 

Share what it is YOU would LIKE to create. Not sure?  

Be with it and see what comes to your awareness. 

Love to hear about it! 

With light and WONDERment,