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That word. Hmmmm…  

What does that word elicit in YOU 

Well for me, ease WAS NOT a space I functioned from on a regular basis. In part because I would often be impacted by the people around me that preferred to focus on problems rather than possibilities.  

So I would take on these individuals’ energies and problems, wrong myself with them, then be left with “feeling” depressed, agitated, and even defeated… and the kicker? They weren’t even my problems! Lol! What?! Not my brightest moments! 

Now. That has changed.  

Ease is my “new black”, so to speak, lol!  

It is a space that I choose to function from on a daily basis. It is a constant in my Universe. And when heavy energies would like to interfere with that, I simply clear them and choose what’s light for me. Creating a space of ease with EASE!  

How does it get any BEtter than that? 

So, what is ease for you?  

Can you relate to not having ease? 

What’s your story on that? 

And would it be like to change that like I did?

I’ll look forward to hearing what that’s like for you (share anywhere I’m on Social Media), AMAZing BEing! 

With light and WONDERment,