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When I wrote this question, I realized it’s NOT your typical question, written in a typical fashion. Nor is it one that makes much cognitive sense, at least not according to this reality?

Well this reality tends to be obsessed with the question “why”, always looking to find the right answer that will set you free from what’s keeping you unhappy and dissatisfied with life.

Unfortunately “why” tends to only keep us in uncertainty, leaving us stuck in the limitation of what it was that got us here. Even if there was an answer, it doesn’t give us the information we require to necessarily change it?

So what if the TRUTH is you’re highly aware; aware of everything around you? The good, the bad, AND the ugly?
That your awareness is simply the perceiving of all things, and if done from a consciousness point of view, it will allow you to see it all without judgment.

Well, since this week’s topic is on clearing energies that don’t belong to you, what if we add this one on anxiety to the mix to clear as also?

Let’s clear it!

So ALL of the points of view from others and this society that you have bought as true and REAL about anxiety and it’s limitation on YOU, let’s clear that now:
Return to sender with consciousness;
Return to sender with consciousness;
Return to sender with consciousness!

Ahhhhhh… a little lighter?

Would you like it even lighter or do you have something else you’d like to clear?

Join me this Friday when I GO LIVE here on Facebook with the very first “Free and Clear Fridays with Dr. Sarah”. I guarantee it’ll BE a space where you and I can connect, clear, and contribute to each other on this topic and MORE!

Can’t wait to see you there at 4 pm EST.

What else is possible NOW?!