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You’re a reject.

How many of you have bought this lie as a truth?  

And how many of you have been functioning from this place of rejection because you were taught or told it?  

Or maybe it was even unspoken and you just sensed it coming from someone or from some media message? 

Well, let’s face it, the only thing you require to do with this statement is to REJECT IT! 

And clear it and get clear of the heavy energy that underLIES it. 

So, what would it take for you to see you clearly as the AMAZing BEing you BE? And that there is NOTHING to reject.  

Embrace all of YOU. 

Know that anything that’s heavy has lies attached to it. 

And BE the difference you truly BE and allow it to BE a light in this world. 

And know I have your back!  

With light and WONDERment,

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