dr sarah sig white

Okay. As a doctor in clinical psychology, there hasn’t been a healing modality that I haven’t been exposed to. 

So which one is my favorite?  

Which is my modality of choice? 

Consciousness! And living consciously from a space of choice and infinite possibilities!  

I use a set of clearing tools and techniques from an AMAZing system called Access Consciousness® and I’m a Certified Facilitator with Access too! Not only do I use these tools with people like yourselfI use them myself! How does it get any BEtter?! 

So why am I telling you this? To let you know that what I’m bringing to you is an energy and approach that is pragmatic and been BEyond effective when it comes to generating and creating change on a monumental level. 

Now. I’d like to share with you the clearing tool that clears heavy thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you’re carrying and/or have possibly stored in your memory. 

It begins with asking a question like, “everywhere I’m in the limitation of my own negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions, would I like to clear them now? Yes” 

Then simply take a deep breath in and release all the heavy on the exhale… or POD and POC (if you happen to know the Access clearing statement). 

If it lightens up, it has cleared. If it remains, continue to use the breathing technique or POD/POC until it gets clear. Some heavy limitations require ongoing clear. 

So use it and share what it’s like for YOU to use it below.  

So excited to hear about it!