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What if you no longer have to BE so needy? 

So, if need leads to neediness, and you find yourself needy, what would it be like to choose something different? 

What if you don’t “need” anything? 

What if you only require relying on you for what you require, not from a place outside of you, but from a space from within? 

What would that be like? 

Here are some tips for you to get there: 

TIP 1: Ask yourself questions. 

What do I require? 

What would I like? 

Tip 2: Get clear on what it is you would like. 

What is that for you? 

What would you like? 

Tip 3: What would it take to create it? 

What does it involve? 

Do you require more information? 

Tip 4: Who or what could contribute? 

Who would you like to assist? 

What could contribute… the Earth, the Universe? 😍 

Tip 5: Keep chosen for YOU! 

What choices do I here? 

What choice reads lightest to choose? 

So, what’s this like for you now that you really only require getting clear on you and what it is you’d like? I wonder? 

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With light and WONDERment,

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