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No more?! 

Yeah. What if the NEW normal is BEing the NO MORE limiting you YOU truly BE by NO longer buying into this reality’s insanity? 

So, what is NOT BEing normal? 

  1. No longer compromising you for anyone or anybody. 
  2. Being willing to stand out by simply BEing whatever you choose to BE whenever you choose it. 
  3. BEing outside of definition, structure, significance, and linearity. 
  4. Choosing what’s light for you even if it does not agree with society. 
  5. Acknowledging that you BEing YOU is the difference this world requires.  

Now. What would it be like to NOT BE NORMal? 

Share your awareness and point of view anywhere I’m on Social… wonder what else is possible NOW? 

With light and WONDERment,

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