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Question for you: Are YOU living in the Question? 

If not, now’s the time! 

“Why?” you may ask?  

Well, living in the question allows you to function from conscious space of change and creation. It allows for things to clear and GET CLEAR so you can generate more of what it is you would like to have in your life and living. 

Okay, what does it take to live in the question? 

  1. Ask the question. Use open-ended, “what” questions as a way to create a space of greater awareness. 
  2. Be aware of what comes up as a result of asking the question.  
  3. If it reads heavy, clear it with the clearings discussed previously. If it reads light, clear anything that won’t allow it to remain light. 
  4. Once you ask the question and clear it, get to your possible choices.  
  5. Choose the lightest choice. 

These are the simplest steps to live in the question and to basically live your life consciously. 

Because remember… a question always empowers and a conclusion always disempowers. You choose! 😉 

So, take these steps presented above and share (anywhere I’m on Social) what they were like for you to use them.  

Excited to hear!

How does it get any BEtter? 

With light and WONDERment,

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