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Have to admit, I use to do A LOT of future thinking. Yeah, a lot of future dooming too. Ugh! No fun. 

Not sure what it actually provided me. Anxiety. Stress. Fear? Intense feelings of being overwhelmed. Uncertainty. Guilt? 

Okay. Can you relate? 

Well, what I have discovered is that future thinking is often based on the past and is done with the intention of not wanting to recreate what has happened already.  

Which is actually really insane!  

First of all, nothing happens the same way twice.  

Secondly, our future thoughts are conclusions and keep us stuck in a limitation, robbing us from BEing in the present conscious moment where choice, possibilities, and change are readily available! 

And thirdly, anything that’s heavy about future thinking has lies attached to it which will keep you from generating and creating the future you would truly like to have. 

So, what is your future thinking telling you? 

What lie are you buying about it that’s not true? 

Tell me about it by sharing anywhere I’m on Social Media!  

What else is possible NOWAMAZing BEing? 

Excited to find out!  

With light and WONDERment,