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God, I remember the days when I was a people pleaser… and I remember how miserable I was when I would “fall short” from the goal of getting people to be happy.

Yes. I use to carry that burden and suffer from the endless disappointment of not appeasing them. Of course, I was choosing those types of humans who were only interested in being right and not interested in different points of view.

You know the ones? The ones that have enough judgment to destroy nations?

Well yeah. Not fun. And not my brightest moment, lol!

Well. Now. This AIN’T happen. No more people pleasing for me!

Now? I choose for me. What’s light for me. Even if it doesn’t agree or please. #notMyProblem! Ahhhhhh… so much more ease, joy… abundance!

How does it get any BEtter than that, AMAZing BEing?

Let’s see! Care to join me?

Share your awareness about people pleasing anywhere I’m located on Social Media! Are you ready for something different? Share that too!

With light and WONDERment,