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Okay! What if now’s the time to GET OVER rejection… rejection of you and others’ rejection of you. 

To clear it and GET CLEAR of what it REALLY is. 

So, here in lies the truth about the lies of rejection👇🏻: 

  • Rejection is a form of judgment that keeps you separated from you and others 
  • Rejection comes from a place of “better or less than” based on some belief that has nothing to do with who you BE 
  • Rejection is a way to justify a position only to create exclusion 
  • Rejection is a way to invalidate differences  
  • Rejection, in of itself, creates more rejection which only keeps you in a place of limitation 

What else is possible NOW? 

Well, what if you don’t have to reject? 

And instead get clear on what you would like to create instead? 

Get clear on the possibilities rather than on the problem and rejecting it or you? 

Okay, what would you like to acknowledge what you like about you? 

What if you acknowledge others’ rejections of you as their limitation which has NOTHING to do with you?  

Hmmmm… I wonder? 

Share wherever I’m on Social and let me know what you know about this.  

With light and WONDERment,

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